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Bastard Boom Box Track Review | Hectik The Latin Assassin – Rap Technician ft DJ TMB

Set the Boom Box a blaze and experience the explosive energy of Hectik The Latin Assassin's track, "Rap Technician," featuring the incredible DJ TMB. This Brooklyn native, now residing in Florida, has teamed up with producer Hanzo Bladez to create a Hip Hop masterpiece that will leave you wanting more. And with DJ TMB's skillful cuts adding an extra layer of intensity, this track truly stands out from the rest.

For Gamblez, this review holds a special significance as both The Latin Assassin and Tha Lucky Bastard have a long history dating back to their high school days. Its always exciting to see those you came up with evolve, and this review is a testament to their growth and shared passion for music.

You can listen to "Hectik The Latin Assassin – Rap Technician ft DJ TMB" and more here on the "BASTARD BOOM BOX - Playlist". (click Youtube link below)

We appreciate you Hectik for sharing your craft with us.


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