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Hip Hop producer creating Harmony between Body and Music

An exclusive interview with underground Boom Bap producer Bo Faat

In the realm of underground hip hop, there's one name that's been making waves with his distinct blend of boom bap beats and captivating sounds: Bo Faat. Hailing from Germany but now splitting his time between Asia and his home country, Bo Faat is not just an exceptionally talented hip hop producer, but also a dedicated martial artist. Honing his skills, Bo Faat crafted his sound over years of dedication and hard work, proving himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of underground hip hop. With various projects under his belt and collaborations with esteemed artists in the industry, his influence continues to grow.

But it's not just music that defines Bo Faat. Since a young age, he has been devoted to studying martial arts, and this passion has shaped his approach to both music and life. By blending the discipline and focus that martial arts instills with his love for boom bap, Bo Faat has created a style that sets him apart from his peers.

How long have you been producing and how would you describe your style to those that haven't discovered you?

I have been a fan of hip hop since the late 80's. I took up break-dancing, then for quite awhile I was rapping. It wasn't until around 2001 that I started producing.

My style reflects my experience in Hip Hop. I'm a big east-coast head, so that's what my sound is like. It's where I get my biggest influence from. I've always loved music as well as being a huge movie geek. The melodies from soundtracks would always stay in my memory. So, naturally, I often used bits and pieces from soundtracks in my sound. My style is pure boom bap!

What is your musical background and how does it influence your style currently?

I've never learned any instruments except for the MPC, but I have always loved music and I believe I had a good ear for rhythm and melody. I have also been pretty open to all genres of music. I grew up with several different cultures and have been living in Asia for many years now. So, these experiences are a huge inspiration in my production.

"My style reflects my experience in Hip Hop. I'm a big east-coast head, so that's what my sound is like."

What artists have you worked with and what do you look for in determining your interest to collaborate?

For a long time, I really didn't care what artists I worked with and would collaborate with anyone, but over time I have realized it's far too much work. So now, I prefer to work with artist that are really trying to get out there, doing shows and hustling. I want to work with like minded, serious heads. That, plus of course I have to like their style.

Truthfully, I have been blessed to work with a lot of legends but what I appreciate most is working with underground peeps. The artists that are still hungry and are in it for the love. They have that passion. Artists like Taiyamo Denku, G Fam Black, Kenneth Master, Juxx Diamondz, Thrust OG, Bad Seed and so many more.

Which musical talents would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Some, are unfortunately not alive anymore... Prodigy for example,

But I would love to work with Ghostface Killa, GZA, Nas or the Griselda gang.

What producers influence and/or inspire you?

Definitely DJ Premier, and little bit of J Dilla (rip) RZA (early career) Apollo Brown, and Havoc to name a few.

What are some of the challenges you face in connecting with your market currently? Why?

I generally believe that the market is over-flooded with dope and wack music, so in this market its really hard to stand out. I also believe that social media has made listeners lazy. They just check out their favorite artists and that's it. It makes it very hard for anyone to break out if you are not already an established artist.

Also, music type popularity is super short lived, but I do hope there will be a second wind for Boom Bap.

"what I appreciate most is working with underground peeps. The artists that are still hungry and are in it for the love."

You have a deep history with and study of martial arts, how long have you practiced martial arts and what provoked this path in your life?

I have had a love for martial arts since the age of 6 years old. My father would take me to the cinema as a kid and we watched Bruce Lee flicks, that was it for me. Studying martial arts I found that the longer I did it, the more it grew beyond passion and hobby, it became an important part of my life. I have lived in different parts of China including Hong Kong and I have been in the Philippines for years now. This road has taught me so much about Eastern philosophy and culture, both good and bad. I took these lessons on as my motto in life; Discipline, Humbleness, Awareness, Compassion, Loyalty, and Righteousness.

Does your background in martial arts affect your music?

It has definitely given me the discipline to have patience and to keep grinding.

What are the next steps for you? And what should fans look out for?

Personally, I'm about to move back to Asia next year with my wife. The plan is to live there, making music and teaching martial arts.

Musically, I'm have several projects but Talez from the Rotten Apple which features all New York MC's is one fans need to check out. It is through Snowgoons label, Goon MuSick.

Final thoughts?

Thanks for this opportunity and much love to all the artists I work with!

Thank you again Bo Faat for taking time with us and giving God Division a glimpse into your creative world.

Keep your eyes open for upcoming releases with Bo Faat and God Division.

While you wait, you can check out Bo Faats beat production in this video from Paully GRAM$.


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